Wholesale Adam & Eve Sachet Powder (1/2 oz)

Adam & Eve Sachet Powder (1/2 oz)

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Adam & Eve powder is used in Hoodoo and spellcraft to strengthen bonds of love, especially between married or committed couples. Increase desire and devotion, heal quarrels, or rein in a wandering lover.

Sachet powder is a versatile magical product used by practitioners of Hoodoo and traditional witchcraft. Traditionally used to dress important paperwork or petitions, sprinkling on ground where the target will walk over, as a magical carpet sprinkler, container spells, mojo bags, or simply sprinkle on your altar. Safe to use on skin as a magical scented body powder, add to baths, and can be used to dress candle after oil is added. Sold as a curio only (not a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional advice).