Wholesale Bear Spirit (Sandalwood) Oil by Native Spirits

Bear Spirit (Sandalwood) Oil by Native Spirits

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Revered by most Native American tribes, the Bear is an animal of singular strength, courage, and adaptability. The Bear is thoughtful and independent, with the ability to protect and heal itself and its family. Both spiritual and earthy, sacred Sandalwood essence is the basis of this Bear Spirit aroma oil. 10ml aroma oil in glass bottle (approximately 1/3 oz).

Native Spirits aroma oils come in 12 inspiring scents, beautifully packaged for your magic, meditation, or simply enjoyment. Choose a favorite variety, or explore a new fragrance! Aroma oils are intended for home fragrance use and not for application on the skin. Suggested uses include adding to vaporizers or diffusers, oil warmers, potpourri, and sachets. Made in India.