Wholesale HEM Seven Archangels Incense Set (Siete Arcangeles)

HEM Seven Archangels Incense Set (Siete Arcangeles)

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A special incense set inspired by the heavenly powers of the Seven Archangels (Siete Arcangeles). Used for petitioning the Archangels for help and guidance in all areas of life. All the Archangels are bearers of divine love and wisdom, and each has an area of special focus:

Chamuel - Unconditional Love

Jophiel (Jofiel) - Joy and Discovery

Michael (Miguel) - Protection and Victory

Zadkiel (Zadquiel) - Freedom, Forgiveness and Mercy

Raphael (Rafael) - Healing of Body and Spirit

Uriel - Steadfastness and Solitary Strength

Gabriel - Divine Messages, Creativity, and Inspiration

Each pack contains five sticks and features an images of the associated Archangel. (5 sticks per pack x 7 packs for a total of 35 sticks.) The packaging is in Spanish.

HEM brand incense is made from select woods, resins, and oils in a charcoal base.