Wholesale Love Pillar Candle (with Geba Rune Pendant)

Love Pillar Candle (with Geba Rune Pendant)

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Draw on the ancient power of the Norse Runes, combined with corresponding colors and scents, to empower your candle magic. Geba is the rune of equal exchange, love, and connection between people. These pillar candles are made in the US with pure paraffin wax and quality aroma oils. Light the candle with intention, then carry or wear the pewter amulet to draw in Love and strengthen relationships.

Safety: Remove paper label and cotton cord. Trim wick to ¼ inch or shorter before burning. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Candle measures 6.25 inches (height) x 2 in (diameter). Pendant measures 1.5 inches (length).

Color: Rose Red