Wholesale Throat Chakra Gemstone Bead Bracelet (8mm)

Throat Chakra Gemstone Bead Bracelet (8mm)

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A Throat Chakra stretch bracelet made with genuine gemstone beads and a silver-tone charm. The Throat Chakra (or Vishuddha Chakra) helps with willpower and making choices. A healthy Throat Chakra will bring you the ability to speak clearly and be heard. It brings balance and integrity between the head and the heart.

One size fits most small-to-medium wrists. Beads measure approximately 8mm in diameter, and bracelet measures about 7 inches (unstretched).

The Throat Chakra bracelet is specially made with:

A Selenite bead to cleanse your Throat Chakra

A Shungite bead to protect it

Angelite to promote peace and compassion

Amazonite to promote the talent of self-expression

Quartz crystal beads to amplify the properties of all the stones